About Us

The Globe Scraper is an Internet Media and News Organization based in the US. We here provide news to help you stay ahead, aware and cautious of things happening around you and the world.

Meet Our Team

Brooke Cagel:

brooke cagle

Hello, my name is Brooke and I’m from new jersey. Going on adventures and singing are my hobbies and I like to watch the nature from as close as possible. I aspire to be the best in whatever industry I choose.

Clem Onojeghuo:

Clem Onojeghuo

Clemon is great at mimicking people and is good at fixing broken things. He also wants to help people in any way possible and his Inspiration is Elon Musk.
Apart from these, he is an investor and a great instructor.

Corinne Kutz:

Corinne Kutz

Hello, I am CorinneKutz, an avid reader and a passionate writer. I love to read books, and also play Skyrim. Writing and helping people are things that makes me happy.

Dariane Priakhina:

Daria Nepriakhina

Dariane has a huge crush on captain jack sparrow (Johnny depp) and was shocked to know the reason behind his divorce. The only things that keeps her going are movies and her love for Johnny Depp.
Coming to her hobbies, she is good at analyzing things whether it be the behavior of humans or stocks market.

Jessic polar:

Jessic Polar

Hello, my name is Jessica, no not the one from suits. I am an independent woman like Jessica Pearson and do aspire to be at the top most position in my career. I like socializing with people face to face and have no confidence in social networking sites.

Julia Raasch:

Julia Raasch

Hello, I am Julia from The Globe Scraper. I wish to travel around the world with all my family and make a second trip with my friends. I’m a very friendly and down to earth person. I initially wanted to be a lawyer but then I found satisfaction in writing.

Kelly Sikkema:

Kelly Sikkema

Kelly Sikkema is a workaholic and a perfectionist. She is at times lazy and less focused but when on work mode, she can work continuously for hours and hours together without taking a break. For her work is worship and worship is work. She is kind and helpful in nature and an asset to the company.

Lizzie Guilbert:

Lizzie Guilbert

Lizzie Guilbert is the youngest intern this firm has ever had. She is full of life and a happy-go-lucky girl. So has a passion for graffiti and loves to stay up to date with the latest in the fashion industry. She is a highly reliable and a hard working person.



Hello, this is Ryan, an adventurer, and a soccer fan. I love listening to music (Heavy metal) and a huge fan of Metallica. I love the idea of being an entrepreneur, but the hard work part scares me. I’m a friendly and humorous guy. Sometimes I also think of becoming a standup comedian. lol!

Tikkho Maciel:

Tikkho Maciel

Tikkho Maciel is a tough girl on the outside but has very soft and polite nature. Writing is her hobby and shopping is her profession. she is good at leading and is a dog lover. Besides this, she also loves horse riding and swimming.