Apple and Chevrolet Bet Big on Autonomous Cars

Apple has been keeping the world in dark over its secret car. It has now come to light that Apple has been working on Autonomous car systems and it has been done so by the CEO of the company Tim Cook. He said this in an interview conducted by Bloomberg Television on Monday. This is the first time that any company member has come out and said this about the company’s future plans.

He said that autonomous systems is a core technology and the company views it as very important. He also said that the project on autonomous systems is the mother of all projects. Apple came late to the party when it took permit to test self-driving cars in California n April this year however it has increased its focus to lessen the gap between Apple and Tesla.

It was earlier known that Apple was working on its own car but later shifted its focus on autonomous cars as being a tech company Apple was better suited to build that kind of cars.

Chevrolet, on the other hand, is slight ahead of Apple in terms of getting ideas and turning them into ground reality by completing the production of 130 autonomous Chevrolet Bolt cars. Although the cars are still in testing stage, it is still a very impressive feat nonetheless. The company said that it’s on right track and ahead of the curve when it comes to producing and selling autonomous cars. Barra said that the Bolt cars are purpose built and self-driving vehicles the level of integration in the vehicles is also on par with any of the other production vehicles.

These cars are in the second generation of level four autonomous vehicles. These cars are equipped with radar, cameras, LIDAR and a host of other features. Earlier in the testing phase, the company made 50 Bolt autonomous vehicles by adding the necessary sensors to the already sold Bolt car which ran on a hybrid engine. The company started making second generation Bolt vehicles in January and is very aggressive on this front of the spectrum.