Eight Quick Quotes From Eight Legends

This world has witnessed the greatest humans who have proved their mettle and have inspired billions from their hard work. Their style, their ways, their speeches, their ideas and their quotes have inspired many. Here are some of them to inspire you;

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare

He has been known for his works like poems, plays etc.  Through this quote, he wants to tell us that if one does not respect the feelings of other persons then it may be that you will get which you want but you will lose the trust of the person.



He is one of the best military leaders from the history. Through this quote, he wants to tell us that with the violence in the world are spread not because of the people who do them but because of those who do not raise their voice against them. If doing bad is wrong so is to bear the wrong doings.

Albert Einstein


He is the greatest man born in the 20th century and was a scientist. With this quote he wants to tell that never accepts the No as bad or wrong things. One should take it positively as this will give them the opportunity to do it on their own and explore the new limits of self.

Abraham Lincoln


He is known for his thoughts on slavery and the contribution he had made to it. Through this, he wants to tell us that the friendship is very important in one’s life and this is the only relation we made ourselves. So if one cares for their friends it means one has strong will power and you value the relationship of one’s life.

Martin Luther King, Jr.


He is the world greatest nonviolent leader. He wanted to tell that together if we work towards something then we will succeed but if we do not work together then we will not stand anywhere and will look as fool together.

Mahatma Gandhi


He is Known as “the father of the nation” in India and a great Indian independence leader. Through this, he wants to tell that it is very difficult to forgive anyone who had done wrong to you and only strong willed people can do this.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam


He is known for the contribution towards science. With this quote he wants to tell that in the competition to defeat anyone is easy and could be done with hard work but to win the trust of anyone and to maintain is very difficult and takes a lot of effort.

Robert H. Schuller


He was the famous author and motivational speaker. In this he wants to tell that one will not fail when he loses but the time when one refuses to take the challenge again or to take some other challenges of their life.