Uber Board Members Conflict on Removal of Top Executive from the Company

Uber’s board of directors had a meeting on Sunday in order to discuss the long absence of the company’s chief executive Travis Kalanick. Board members also discussed the degrading culture of the company reeled on back of sexual assault allegations from some of former as well as current employees. The meeting was held in the Mr. Holder’s law firm in Los Angeles called the Covington and Burling.

The three people involved in the meeting requested to be anonymous as they were not authorized to speak on behalf of the company. Mr. Holder has recommended the company ask Emil Michael the senior vice president along with Mr. Kalanick to leave. Mr. Micheal, however, hasn’t resigned yet and he hasn’t been asked to do so either.

Uber has had a very bad half year mostly due to the increasing number of allegations of special assault. It came to public notice that Uber’s executive had mishandled medical records if a woman who was raped by an Uber driver. In addition to that, the company has also acknowledged of using a software to hide its drivers from the law.

Uber’s executives plan to reset the company but it is appearing to be far more difficult than formerly expected. The company which is valued at $70 billion finds itself in muddy waters and needs to work swiftly in order to get the company back on track.

The company follows a “founder friendly “ structure of governance in which the 7 of Uber’s board members have super voting shares which make Mr. Kalanick a very powerful figure in the company’s hierarchy and he could potentially ignore the recommendations provided by Mr. Holder’s reports.

Mr. J William Gurley and David Bonderman also possess super-voting shares and are worried about company’s management. Other super-voting shares holders include Garret Camp and Ryan Graves who openly support Mr. Kalanick.

All the board members, however, vote in for a change in the working structure of the company so that it becomes more of a safe working space for women and men alike. Last week Uber fired 20 employees over discrimination, harassment, and other complaints.